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Architectural Services

Architectural Services


Assisting with formulation of a brief; bulk and location studies; evaluation of properties; Feasibility studies; resource consent applications; encroachment license applications; and arranging land surveys.

Contract Administration

Tendering; assessment of tenders; tender negotiation & awarding contracts; processing progress claims; processing variations; monitoring defects liability period; final account assessment.

Sketch Design

Space planning; architectural design; engaging consultants; preliminary estimates of cost.

Contract Observation

Site observation; quality control; client reports.

Developed Design

Detailed planning; selecting materials; presentation drawings; 3D computer models; preparation of color sample boards; Prepare shop drawing; Prepare specifications.

Construction Management and Supervision

Site supervision ,Quality Control , Reporting


Coordination of consultants; detailed construction documentation; comprehensive specifications; color schemes; building consent applications.

Architectural Competitions Arbitration

Develop submission requirements and conditions, and writing competition program.Participate injuries and score projects.